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Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum - As Good As They are saying

The Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner by Euro-Pro is very new and is making waves within the vacuum industry. It's comparatively cheap, both a vertical along with a canister vacuum, allergy friendly, as well as carries a lengthy 5 year warranty.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away, or Shark NV350 because it is sometimes called, is powered by a 10 amp motor and uses cyclonic suction. Cyclonic suction spins air at a high velocity stripping the dust and debris out and into the dust canister. Additionally, it helps to ensure that much of the dirt is kept away from the filters and therefore suction isn't compromised. This technology is often referred to as "no-loss of suction" technology.

Shark Navigator Lift Away

Overview of consumer comments from across the net indicates a high level of satisfaction using the NV350. Owners like the powerful suction, light weight and lengthy cord. There's also numerous positive comments associated with the washable lifetime filters and just how they save your time and cash. On the downside many people believe the dust canister is a touch small , as a result should be emptied frequently. Also, not all of the vacuum attachments could be stored on-board.

The NV350 has a motorized brushbar that can be turned on or off allowing the system to work effectively both on carpet or bare floors. It also includes a swivel nozzle that is very maneuverable. The Lift Away is certified by the British Allergy Foundation also it includes HEPA filtration and utilizes a sealed system. HEPA filtration is a high level of filtration that removes 99.97% of all particles having a diameter of 0.3 microns or greater. This typically includes pet dander, dust along with other allergens. The sealed system helps to ensure that air sucked in to the vacuum doesn't leak out through cracks or bypass filters. This can be a feature not common on vacuums under $200.

Other features include an easy-to-empty dust canister, an 11.25 inch wide power nozzle, along with a lengthy 30 foot cord. Many vacuum cleaner owners complain when a machine includes a cord less than 30 feet. The system also weighs a really light 12.8 lbs so consumers don't have any problem pushing the vacuum or carrying up or down stairs. A number of attachments are included with the Lift Away together with a dusting brush, crevice tool, bare floor nozzle along with a pet hair turbo brush (great for cleaning stairs and fabric). There is also an accessory tool holder along with a stretch hose.

Shark Navigator Lift Away

The vacuum has a detachable canister which is a feature that owners feel is both useful and practical. The canister and handle detach in the body from the vacuum and can be carried around allowing the user to clean stairs, around furniture, overhead, and other hard to reach areas. Dimensions for the Lift Away in inches are (H x W x L) 45.0 x 11.4 x 12.4.

The NV350 is getting good consumer ratings and like its brother the NV22L it is being a top pick on online stores like Amazon. Its popularity is due to the wide range of features, the strong suction and the reasonable price. It can usually be located for under $200 also it carries a respectably long 5 year warranty. Like many other Euro-Pro Shark products, the Navigator Lift Away vacuum comes only in lavender.

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